From Sweet Beginnings to Savoury Endeavors

From Sweet Beginnings to Savoury Endeavors

From Passion to Plate: A Food Journey from The Depanneur to The Junction Triangle

The Depanneur: Where all started

When I met Len Senater in 2012, I started by renting his kitchen to bake my goods and expanding to selling them to different cafes and participating in farmers’ markets and events across Toronto.


At Market 707: Selling Colombian food in a 8 x 10 Shipping Container

At Market 707 proved to be the perfect launchpad for my Colombian food venture. Despite its small 8×10 footprint, it provided the opportunity to expand my business and gain recognition from new customers. It was an affordable and strategic move that set the foundation for the success of my Cookie Martinez.

At The Junction Triangle

The Junction Triangle was the ideal location to bring my culinary vision to life. With limited seating for a select few, I was able to focus on expanding my catering business and showcasing my Empanada offerings and Insect Tasting Dinners. The intimate setting allowed me to create a unique dining experience for my customers while also growing my business.