About Cookie

My culinary journey with Cookie Martinez began in 2012 at The Depanneur in Toronto, where I rented a kitchen space from Len Senater. Starting with baking goods, I expanded to selling cookies at cafes and participating in farmers’ markets and events across the city.

Later on, I opened my first location at Market 707, selling Colombian food out of an 8 x 10 shipping container. Despite its small size, Market 707 provided a strategic launchpad for my business, helping me gain recognition and expand my customer base.

In 2019, I took another leap by opening a new location in The Junction Triangle, focusing on catering and take-out services. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, I remained dedicated to serving my community and building a strong neighborhood presence.

However, after much consideration and with my husband and two-year-old son, I made the difficult decision to move to Germany to be closer to family and gain additional support. Now, I reside in Germany, where I continue to share my passion for Colombian cuisine by teaching traditional dishes to eager learners.

Throughout my culinary journey, I’ve been passionate about innovation and sustainability. In 2013, I joined the Future Food Salon, led by Aruna Handa, where I explored using insects as food. This led me to create insect-infused cookies and savory amuse-bouches, later integrating insects seamlessly into my dishes while avoiding animal by-products.

Driven by my commitment to culinary excellence and sustainability, I’ve had the privilege of showcasing my creations at events in Toronto, Montreal, and New York. Join me on this gastronomic adventure as we explore the future of food together