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My culinary journey with Cookie Martinez began in 2012 at The Depanneur in Toronto, where I rented a kitchen space from Len Senater. Starting with baking goods, I expanded to selling cookies at cafes and participating in farmers’ markets and events across the city.

Later on, I opened my first location at Market 707, selling Colombian food out of an 8 x 10 shipping container. Despite its small size, Market 707 provided a strategic launchpad for my business, helping me gain recognition and expand my customer base.

In 2019, I took another leap by opening a new location in The Junction Triangle, focusing on catering and take-out services. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, I remained dedicated to serving my community and building a strong neighborhood presence.

However, after much consideration and with my husband and two-year-old son, I made the difficult decision to move to Germany to be closer to family and gain additional support. Now, I reside in Germany, where I continue to share my passion for Colombian cuisine by teaching traditional dishes to eager learners.

Throughout my culinary journey, I’ve been passionate about innovation and sustainability. In 2013, I joined the Future Food Salon, led by Aruna Handa, where I explored using insects as food. This led me to create insect-infused cookies and savory amuse-bouches, later integrating insects seamlessly into my dishes while avoiding animal by-products.

Driven by my commitment to culinary excellence and sustainability, I’ve had the privilege of showcasing my creations at events in Toronto, Montreal, and New York. Join me on this gastronomic adventure as we explore the future of food together

From Sweet Beginnings to Savoury Endeavors

From Sweet Beginnings to Savoury Endeavors

From Passion to Plate: A Food Journey from The Depanneur to The Junction Triangle

The Depanneur: Where all started

When I met Len Senater in 2012, I started by renting his kitchen to bake my goods and expanding to selling them to different cafes and participating in farmers’ markets and events across Toronto.


At Market 707: Selling Colombian food in a 8 x 10 Shipping Container

At Market 707 proved to be the perfect launchpad for my Colombian food venture. Despite its small 8×10 footprint, it provided the opportunity to expand my business and gain recognition from new customers. It was an affordable and strategic move that set the foundation for the success of my Cookie Martinez.

At The Junction Triangle

The Junction Triangle was the ideal location to bring my culinary vision to life. With limited seating for a select few, I was able to focus on expanding my catering business and showcasing my Empanada offerings and Insect Tasting Dinners. The intimate setting allowed me to create a unique dining experience for my customers while also growing my business.

Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

Cooking Classes Germany (Heilbronn)

Since moving to Germany, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the flavors and traditions of Colombian cuisine with eager learners. My cooking classes have been warmly received by people in the Baden-Württemberg region, offering hands-on experiences in crafting authentic dishes like arepas, patacones, empanadas, ajiaco, and more.

If you’re curious about Colombian cuisine and live in the Baden-Württemberg area, I invite you to join us for an upcoming Cookieng Class. Click the link below to reserve your spot and embark on a culinary journey with us.

June 28, 2024

Patacones and Salpicon Class.

Events in Canada 

Every year, I make special trips back to Toronto, returning to the city where my culinary journey began in 2012. During these visits, I love organizing food events such as cooking classes and supper clubs. These gatherings provide a wonderful opportunity for food enthusiasts to come together, learn new skills, and savor delicious Colombian cuisine.

I’m deeply grateful to Len Senater, the owner of The Depanneur, who has been a constant source of support since the beginning of my culinary adventure. Many of my events in Toronto have been made possible thanks to his generosity and collaboration.

If you’re in Toronto and eager to join one of my upcoming events, stay tuned for announcements and reserve your spot for an unforgettable culinary experience

August 10, 2023

COMMUNAL TABLE: Viva Colombia | Natalia “Cookie” Martinez

April 18, 2024

DIY Colombian Ajiaco with Natalia “Cookie” Martinez



The Future Of Food Project

The Future Of Food Project

A highlighting sample of my work using insects as a protein source in various dishes

In 2013, I was approached by Aruna Handa, the creator of Alimentary Initiatives and founder of the Future Food Salon, to create cookies using insects. I was immediately interested in the unique challenge and have been a part of the Future Food Salon ever since, expanding my insect-based menu to include dishes like spicy cricket spoons and mealworm empanadas. Through the Future Food Salon, I have had the opportunity to showcase my culinary creations, as well as food, art, music, culture, and science, at events in Toronto, Montreal, and New York.

As I worked with insects, I began to create cookies using crickets and savory amuse-bouches. As I learned more about the educational and nutritional value of eating insects, I decided to integrate them more fully into my dishes rather than simply using them as toppings. It was important to me to use only plant-based ingredients in my insect recipes and not include any animal byproducts

Get ready to cook up a storm with the latest addition to your kitchen – an insect cookbook! With simple and fun recipes, you’ll be able to easily incorporate insects into your meals. Keep your eyes peeled for its release this year and experience a new way of cooking !!!

Oyster mushroom and cricket druxelles
Oyster mushroom and cricket druxelles

Kribab - Cricket Kebabs
Kribab – Cricket Kebabs

Agar agar and cricket garnish
Agar agar and cricket garnish

Cricket Empanada
Cricket Empanada